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Solar Panels

Why get solar panels?

South Africa ranks in the top 10 most sunny countries on earth, with plenty of sunshine and solar radiation.

It makes financial sense too, so why not use all this free renewable energy? Solar panels convert the sun’s radiation (photovoltaic) energy into direct current (DC) which, with the help of an inverter, can be stored in batteries and/or converted to electricity (AC).

What are Monocrystalline Solar Panels?

These panels are slightly more efficient, and hence the panels are often somewhat smaller in size (per Watt). They’re a bit more expensive, but also less sustainable to produce. Go for this if you have less space on your roof, and you’d like a darker coloured panel.

What are PolycrystallineSolar Panels?

A slightly newer technology which is easier to manufacture, more sustainable, sturdier, tolerates heat better and also more cost effective.Yet they’re a little less efficient than their mono-counterpart. Go for this option if you don’t mind a slightly ‘bluer’ panel colour, have more space on your roof, and would like something easier on the pocket.


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