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Extra Powerful 12V UPS for WiFi & ONT 89 000 mWh

R1,995.00 R1,795.00 inc VAT

There are many UPS’s to keep your internet going, but we know the feeling… Many don’t last as many hours as promised. It’s because they have too little battery capacity. This one is packed with 89 000 mWh. The PowerKart WiFi & ONT UPS is a backup power supply for your WiFi router AND Fibre ONT. During load shedding, the lithium UPS will automatically switch to battery power, and your device will stay ON without any interruption. Provides ±6-12 hours of backup power

SKU: WiFiONT89Wh Availability: Out of stock


  • Internet connected during load shedding
  • ±12 hours backup power for WiFi Router; or ±6 hours for WiFi router and ONT
  • High-quality lithium-ion batteries
  • 89 000mWh battery capacity (12 x 2500mAh Battery Cells)
  • Splitter cable to power 2 devices
  • 1 Year Warranty