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Lithium vs lead acid

How do they compare?

A 2.4kWh 48V lithium battery can offer the same amount of usable power as 4x 12v 105ahdeep cycle lead acid batteries. Lithium makes more financial sense in the long run, by far.

Why get a DEEP CYCLE LEAD ACID battery?

Lead acid batteries are an olderbut well understood technology.They’re the most inexpensive in absolute terms, and they’re capable of high discharge rates.You can “use” 50% the battery, they’re a bit bulky and heavy, allows for a few hundred cycles (250-800), and last between 3-8 years. There are typically three types:

Flooded & Sealed Lead Acid
AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt)

Why get a LITHIUM battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient – you can “use” 90% of the battery. They offer thousands of cycles (4000-7000), lasts much longer in years (10 – 15 years), are compact, light, and low maintenance. However like-for-like it costs 30% more when compared to its lead acid counterpart.It’s a much better investment in the long term for those that can afford it.


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