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Tired of power cuts?

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When the power is cut things come to a stand still. TV, lights, computers, WIFI, alarms and CCTV are all out of action. Backup power will change that. It usually consists of the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or a generator or both.

Run any or all of the following during a power outage.

You can remove “power outage” from your list of worries.

TV, Decoders and Sound

Wifi Routers & Modems

Lights, Alarm and CCTV

Laptops & Computers

Certain Appliances

Phones & Tablets

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The Benefits.

Continue watching TV or working during a power outage without interruption

Protect your equipment from spikes and surges with consistent and quality power

Not noisy, and is suitable for apartments and houses

Budget friendly, with backup power options for both short and longer term outages

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Kicks in alternate power as needed, which eliminates glitches or surges and allows time to safely shut down.


Safeguards against all the oddities of electricity such as surges, spikes, dips and failure  before the anomalies cause damage.


A line-interactive UPS refines the power then adjusts its output. Internal systems receive a clean, consistent supply free of abnormalities.